Why am I here?

15 03 2011

I’m That One Blog Girl(T1BG). I’m a 20-something who has been trying to conceive her first for several years now and is dealing with a boatload of issues. You can read the about page if you really want to know all that stuff.

But why are you at my blog? Well, the reason I am blogging is because for the last 3 years, infertility blogs have taught me so much, whether its about medicine, dealing with TTC, adjusting to life without a baby, and more. I hope I can help someone by sharing our experience down the path of Medical Assistance once again.

We last went down the path of MA in 2008, 3 years ago, while living on a military base in another country. Our experience was very different compared to what is going on now, but it prepared us for the journey we are embarking on now.




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