Here we go!

21 03 2011

The referrals are in, the fates have aligned, and by some miracle we have an appointment with the RE at the end of this month!

To explain….our insurance only covers one RE office within 2 hrs. Because of the high volume of people in this area with our insurance, and everyone else who also uses this highly recommended RE’s office, normally it is a 6 week wait to get an appointment.

I had my referral put in last Monday. Mr. X’s referral went in on Wednesday. Today is Monday. And we have an appointment for NEXT WEEK.

Not to mention, there are a few doctors within the RE center. We’ll see all of them as needed(i.e. whoever is on call for monitoring and things), but our primary RE is the one we see first…the one who happened to have a cancellation for next week. Fate has dealt us an amazing hand- we got the RE who specializes in PCOS and in micro surgery for dealing with Male Factor, which are our 2 biggest issues!

Now to just get our records over to the new office and get started…and hope AF shows on time!




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