And there is a game plan…………..

29 03 2011

Yes folks, it is true. We have a game plan! But before I get to the game plan, I want to start at the beginning of our appointment.

We got to our appointment about 20 minutes early, to fill out the 400 pieces(or so it seemed) of new patient paperwork and to find the doctors office(the fertility center is part of a very large hospital complex). When we arrived, the waiting room was full of couple waiting for their turn, and quickly it dwindled down to just us…and we waited. Finally, 45 minutes after our scheduled time, we were finally called back by the doctor.

We sat in the Doc’s office(I’m going to call him Dr. Europe) and went over our history’s. He was thoroughly outraged at some of the information from Mr. X’s file(which we agree with the outrage) and pleasantly pleased by some of the info in mine. At that point, he stated giving us our options.

Option A: IVF with ICSI and TESE- Due to my age, and past bloodwork, he gives us a high odds of success with this option. Cost? About $17,000 per attempt.

Option B: Microsurgery to deal with the MFI, plus several months of hormone therapy for Sarge, then doing IUI’s or IVF. Cost? $15,000 for the surgery and hormones, plus more for the IUI’s after.

Option C: Donor Sperm IUI. Given my age and medical history, he estimates this would give us the same chance as a normal person every month. Cost? $750-1000 per attempt w/clo.mid, $1000 to 1800 per attempt with injects.

Our choice? Option C. We went into this planning on on option C, but willing to keep our minds open if he suggested something else. Due to costs and time constraints, Option C works the best for us. The biology of our child is not so important as is having a child together. We’ve had 3 years to research and discuss, to plan, to mourn the loss of being a ‘normal’ couple and getting knocked up with a healthy baby the traditional way. With everything we are dealing with, this is our choice and our plan in order to have a healthy pregnancy and hopefully a healthy baby at the end.

So, the game plan is now developed. My insurance will NOT cover anything once we move past traditional methods of conception. They will cover all medication and testing up to that point, but once we move to IUI or IVF, they cover nothing. Hence, we are doing all our testing now, before we proceed with the IUI’s.

Today- CD3 bloodwork drawn, plus a few more labs for good measure.

Friday- HSG.

We do have homework…we have to pick a donor and purchase vials so that we are ready to begin!

Once we have done the testing and decided on a donor, it’s simply a matter of waiting for AF and then we begin!




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