29 03 2011

Today is the day. The day we go to the RE. The day we find out what they think our odds are of becoming pregnant soon. The day we find out just what the next few months will hold for us…and just how much this will possibly cost us. We find out what meds, and blood tests, and procedures we will have to do before we can even start.

Today is CD3. I am both hoping they can do bloodtests and such this cycle and also terrified that they can. While we want to get pregnant ASAP, getting pregnant also means we have to move to a bigger house-and if we end up expecting more than one, we have no choice but to also get a larger vehicle. The costs to having a baby are much more than just the costs to get pregnant. We’re doing fine financially right now, and can afford to move to a slightly larger home, and even possibly get a larger vehicle(which I want whether we end up with 1 baby or 2 or more), but only if I can stay at work through the end of the year. I don’t plan on working full time post-baby, and depending on whether or not they will work at me on my hours will depend on if I return at all.

IF I was to get pregnant this cycle, my due date would be January 1st. So here’s to hoping today brings news that will lead us to be having a late winter/early spring 2012 baby.




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