HSG. blech.

31 03 2011

Tomorrow morning is my HSG. I’ve had an HSG before, last time we did MA. It was not a walk in the park. My GYN had warned me that if my tubes were blocked it would hurt, but he did not mention that it could hurt just trying to get my cervix open! I had no pain once the catheter was in with the dye, but I still remember how painful that part was.

I’m hoping tomorrow will go easier. First, we’re doing it earlier in my cycle than my last HSG(CD6 vs. CD10), secondly I am better prepared and taking something a bit stronger than ty.lenol in advance.

The worst part will be having to wear a pad all day at work afterwards! Blech! I hate feeling like I am wearing a diaper.

I am nervous about this test. If my tubes are not open and in a position my RE likes, this could totally change our game plan. I don’t think I could stand to have the game plan changed right now. I need more things to go right after being stuck for years. I’m prepared for a cycle to not work..but to have the game plan changed might be too much.

So here’s to a cooperative cervix, open tubes, and a relatively painfree procedure…..




One response

4 04 2011
Finding My New Normal

Found you through LFCA and am your newest follower. I’ve got an HSG scheduled for tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. It’s the second one I’ve had so I know what to expect,,,, pain.

We are also trying ot conceive using modern medicine. For us it’s IVF with a donor egg. Here’s hoping we are both successful.

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