Stupid Cycles and Stabby Pains

23 04 2011

This cycle has been beyond weird. I think the anticipation has just made my cycle go to hell in a handbasket. Supposedly I am 8 DPO today, but I’ve had signs that I’m either still pre-O or AF is just around the corner. I’m really inclined to think that it’s the latter, because I am tired of waiting and because I think my signs point more towards it.

Speaking of stabby pains, the good ol ovaries are making their presence known this cycle. I am either Oing today or I just had a cyst rupture, because there have been stabbing knife pains coming from righty(my problematic ovary) all day. The last time I had pains like this, I had an ultrasound same day that confirmed a collapsing cyst. That was a few years ago, but you don’t forget what a ruptured cyst feels like. I could call the doc and see what they say, but since the pain is not persistent and is only intermittent, and the area is barely tender to the touch, I’ll wait it out. I will be sure to mention it to the doctor when I call for baseline on CD1, but unless the pain becomes persistent, the area hurts to even touch, or it gets so bad that I have to stop what I am doing I will not be going in sooner. I’ve dealt with the cyst rodeo for far too long now.

I’m hoping this bizarrely long cycle just means everything will be ready for next cycle, hope that this ‘cyst’ rupture means that my ovaries will be clear at baseline and that next cycle will be a go. I’m so tired of waiting, the last 3.5 weeks of torture have seemed longer than the last 3 years for some reason, so I am so ready to get started. I’m trying to enjoy this last bit of non-MA life, since we know we have basically zero chance of conceiving on our own. I’m ready to start the next phase of my life, one that comes with mood swings, spermcicles, cooter cam, shots, and hopefully two pink lines at the end of the month.




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