Mixed Bag

8 05 2011

Today’s monitoring appointment was very early. We had to leave the house before 7 am to make it. Of course, we get there and the office isn’t even open yet, annoyingly enough.

Saw the other doctor(Dr. Cold) for my follie scan. Not so much a fan…very abrupt and not so nice.

The good news: I have 3 follies all around the same size.

The bad news: They are not ready to trigger, and I have to go back for repeat monitoring on wednesday unless I get a positive OPK sooner. Dr. Cold thinks IUI will be thursday morning.

I’m scheduled to work wednesday and thursday mornings, of course, and no one told me before today that they only do IUI’s and monitoring in the early morning hours. So now I get the fun of talking to my boss, who will have to talk to the manager too, to try and change my schedule. So much for trying to keep this quiet. Not a very happy mothers day for me.




2 responses

10 05 2011
Its me, of course

Aww, Im sorry, poopshins 😦

8 05 2012
Looking back: 1 year ago, 2 years, 3 years, and more « Trying to Conceive A Modern Medicine Miracle

[…] year ago today, was Mother’s Day. Not just Mother’s Day, but also my first follicle scan on our first donor cycle. I was terrified. I knew how my body had reacted 3 years before and since […]

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