Score one for gut instinct!

13 05 2011

At my appointment Wednesday, they were sure that Saturday’s appointment would be 36 hrs past positive OPK, which is at least 12 hrs more than my clinic prefers(they have the highest success rates on donor cycles for 12-24 hrs past positive). My gut instinct told me to stick with Saturday, and not stress about trying to get in on Friday, that no matter what Saturday would work out.

I’ve been testing twice a day with the $$$$ OPK’s since Sunday(with cheapies before that). Of course, the test sunday night had the first visible set of double lines, and the tests have gotten darker since then. Wednesday night’s test was dark enough to warrant a second look to decide if the test was the same as the control, but it was definitely not positive. Thursday morning’s was a bit lighter, but I also took it at a different time than normal and had been drinking a lot of water that morning too. Thursday nights was again super close to positive, and then this morning…..Triple Take…nope, not positive, but a breath away from it. Tonight’s test: OBVIOUSLY positive. For once, the test line developed well before the control. The test is definitely darker than the control, even to my adorably clueless husband. He doesn’t know much about OPK’s, all he knows is that the test line needs to be darker, and he agrees that it is.

In less than 12 hrs I should be sperminated!




One response

13 05 2011

I am so freaking excited for you!!!! Come on little eggs and sperm! Make this little missy a mommy!

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