In the 2WW

16 05 2011

For the first time in many years I am in the 2WW of a medicated cycle again. This limbo is so bizarre, and I am just hoping the time flies by.

Saturday was my IUI. I’m just going to paste the update I used on my message board because of sheer laziness:

Got a super dark positive OPK last night, perfect timing for today’s appointment. Got their bright and early, let them know I’d had a positive so we didn’t need to do the scan, and got to pee in a cup for confirmation. Doc came in to chat for a minute and confirm donor information with us, then went to prepare the sample for IUI.
We ended up having to do ultrasound guidance for the catheter as my uterus was being difficult(turns out its extremely retroflexed and I’ve been told I need to have an overfull bladder for any future scans/iuis). The follies were all great (22,21,19) and my endometrium was a perfect triple stripe. Doc said the sperm sample was excellent, count was above perfect and the motility and such were all excellent as well. In fact, he said that in the 9 months he has been with the clinic, he has never seen such a high count in a sample, even from a fresh!
Their office does not do beta’s unless you have done a trigger, so peesticks it is for me.
Now comes the 2ww…….ack! I’m trying to not buy peesticks until at least 10 dpo, lol

I spent Saturday very achy and crampy from the procedure. I was still a bit crampy yesterday morning, but as the day went on, the cramping ended. My CM has dried up, so I am confident that we timed the IUI as best as possible.

I’m not sure when I will test. I don’t want to test early, but at the same time we will be out of town at 14dpiui, and I’d rather find out in our home than in a hotel room in another state(especially when we are not there for reasons we are happy with, but that is a whole different topic). I know I won’t be buying peesticks until at least 10 dpiui, so the earliest I could even test would be 11 dpiui. I’m thinking I will test the morning before we leave town, because I hopefully will be able to know then..but who knows what will happen to my willpower in the next 10 days, lol!




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18 05 2011

This is a huge milestone. I am super excited! First cycles of anything is definitely interesting.

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