10 Day You Challenge- Day 1

21 05 2011

Ten Secrets:

10. I wish I had kept up my violin playing in college and participated in the university orchestra. I always loved being a part of symphonies/orchestras and I truly regret not participating every year that I could.

9. I hate going out to new social situations where I don’t know anyone and am supposed to be friendly(like barbecues, parties, etc). I just can’t make friends easily and find I don’t fit in with any group really-I’m not a mom of small children, I’m not a party animal, I’m not a career woman..I’m an infertile struggling to build her family, working because she enjoys it but dying every day inside because she wishes she was a SAHM already.

8. I always wanted to have braces. I’m weird like that. I dreamed of having perfect teeth, that were movie star white and made me look like a million dollars. Instead, I was blessed with good teeth that were not perfect, but were not bad enough to ever need braces.

7. I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember, and I still loathe and despise wearing them. I wish I could just be a normal person and get up and SEE, and not have to put glasses on in order to be able to read, watch tv, or even just not trip over my own two feet. I can’t wear contacts and LASIK is not an option until we are completely done building our family through IF treatments.

6. I could eat pizza 5 nights a week. I am a pizza addict. Stuffed crust meat lovers is my favorite, though bagel pizzas, pita pizzas, etc all rock too. I miss Italian pizza badly, where it was so thin you could fold it in half and eat it that way. I also miss Chicago style pizza…where one slice is an entire meal. I live in a region of the country nowhere near those places unfortunately!

5. I still want to go to med school. I dreamed of going to school to be a doctor, to make a difference in peoples lives that way. Life changed my plans, and i don’t regret that, but I still dream of going to med school and being a doctor someday.

4. I loathe and despise milk. I rarely drink it. I am severely lactose intolerant, but I can drink soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, and even lactose free milk no problem, but I just can’t stand the taste or texture. On very rare occasions I will get the hankering for a glass of milk and cookies, and it always has to be REAL milk, even though it makes me miserably sick.

3. I’ve never had a pedicure and am too chicken to get one. I’d love someone to take care of my feet and make them look pretty, but I am so ticklish that I am afraid that I’d not stop squirming the entire time.

2. Even though I have been on my own for over 6 years now, I’m still a bit chicken to completely be myself in front of my parents. I find when they come to visit I spend the entire time watching what I say and how I act because I still feel like they are judging me. I know they love me, but I still can’t help but feel like I am a disappointment to them that I didn’t follow their plan for my life.

1. I have a lot of dreams, but I am scared of failure so I don’t follow through on them. Mostly these are dreams that have formed since we started struggling with infertility and I think that has affected my confidence in that area. I feel like if we can’t even manage to have a baby, then how can I do any of the other things I dream about.

there you go. 10 secrets. now I feel very exposed.




2 responses

21 05 2011

I might take you up on this challenge too. But I have to say, this first post makes me NOT want to do it. I hate being exposed.

22 05 2011

Happy ICLW. Thanks for sharing your secrets. I also played the violin and wish I had kept playing. My Mom always guilt-trips me about it. I am also blind and wish I didn’t have to rely on contacts to function.

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