10 Day You Challenge- Day 4…and gut instinct is screaming

24 05 2011

Seven Wants(not related to infertility):

7. A day at the spa

6. Orchids. Tons of orchids!

5. A big huge chaise lounge for the corner of my bedroom.

4. An Ipad2. Cause I’m cool like that.

3. a new phone…cause I want a droid, BAD! and my contract is not up yet

2. a swimsuit that actually is flattering and comfortable

1. to find clothing at a price I like for our family photos

Unfortunately, gut instinct is screaming at me that I am not pregnant. I know what not pregnant feels like…and its what I feel like right now. I’m trying not to count myself out, but I had to tell hubby today that I think I am not, because he is so hopeful. It breaks my heart to have to tell him this, because he is soo hopeful, but I feel like it would be worse to not say anything and he have to  deal with the entire letdown at once when AF shows. I know there is still a chance, and that its still early, but I started experiencing all my normal AF symptoms right on schedule in the last day. I don’t know if I will even pee on a stick at this point….mostly because I feel like it would be wasted money.




2 responses

24 05 2011

Hello from ICLW. I hope your gut instinct is wrong. Based on what you shared though, I would have told my DH too.

25 05 2011

What a cool challenge, I like!
and I especially like that a day at the spa is you #1 want. Wish I could sweep you up to join me and my mom on our spa day this Sunday 🙂

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