10 Day You Challenge- Day 6 and the peestick says…

26 05 2011

Five Foods I Cannot Live Without:

5. CHOCOLATE! I am a chocoholic. I would not survive without it. Do not get between me and my chocolate.

4. PIZZA! Give me pizza and nobody gets hurt. My day was totally MADE today(possibly even my week) when I found out Di.Giorno now makes personal stuffed crust pizzas. Heaven on a plate.

3. Pasta! I am a pasta lover! Spaghetti alla carbonara, penne alla sorrentina, macaroni and cheese, you name the pasta, I love it.

2. Bread. Oh Bread, how i love thee, let me count the ways. Thy crispy crust and soft center, your golden perfectness as you exit the oven…I could seriously write odes to bread, specifically my mom’s homemade bread(and now I guess its mine since I make it too).

1. Steak. Now, this would surprise anyone who knows me. I am NOT a red meat person. I mostly eat chicken, with some pork, the occasional ham, and of course BACON. But give me a good slab of steak, with a side of potatoes, some garlic bread, some green beans, and this is one happy girl!

I didn’t really want to pee on a stick, but my husband did, and so I had to take his opinion into consideration. I finally caved today and tested and it was no surprise, stark white BFN. If I test again, it won’t be until Saturday or Sunday. I’m starting to think about if we’ll do our next cycle in July or August at this point and if I’ll ask the RE to change protocols at all.




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26 05 2011

Hey there– did u say you did donor sperm? Could you tell me if this is your first time doing it and what bank you chose? I’m so nervous on picking a donor that I don’t even know where to start. I’d appreciate it… And I hope when u test on sat or sun, it’ll read BFP… Big hugs to u 🙂

26 05 2011

DIana- We did do donor sperm. I have no problem answering your questions about our process. We went through Xytex and were very happy with our experience with them so far. Feel free to email me at modernmedicinemiracleblog@gmail.com if you have any other questions, I’m glad to answer them as best I can. I did blog a bit about our experience as well in an earlier post too.

26 05 2011

hi – stopping by from ICLW
where are you in your cycle? maybe it’s still too early?
I wish you all the luck with this cycle!

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