It’s Over…..

28 05 2011

AF showed Thursday afternoon with a vengeance.I knew that was going to be the end result, but I wasn’t expecting her to show until Sunday morning sometime(the day she was due). Her timing as always sucked…she showed right as we were heading out the door to take my stepkids to their mother’s house for summer vacation. I was then stuck in a car, for 5 hours, on a roadtrip to meet a woman I loathe and despise(the trip actually went rather well), with the kids in the backseat(who have no idea that we’ve been trying), not able to move and in a lot of physical and emotional pain. As icing on the cake, my mother felt it was a great day to let me know that a family member of mine is pregnant and due in december. Knowing what I know about this situation, it also becomes clear that said family member got pregnant on their first month trying. All I wanted to do was scream. When we finally got to our hotel that night I completely broke down.

I’m not coping well, I’ll admit it. A lot of crap food has been eaten, a lot of cursing, a lot of doing nothing, but I’m in full out mope mode. Everything seemed to be going right leading up to this cycle…and then the cycle hit and nothing went smoothly at all. We had issues getting the meds through the pharmacy, my follies not growing very well, my stupid uterus being retroflexed, and then an 11 day LP on a medicated cycle.

I will definitely be speaking to my doctor next week about our plans for the next cycle. I want to do something to try and at least give me a 14 day LP. I don’t know if we need to change the clo.mid dose, add a trigger, progesterone, etc. but something NEEDS to be changed. The plan is to take this cycle off because of timing(I do not want to do an IUI around father’s day weekend, it was too hard getting work off around mothers day last cycle) and to heal emotionally, then try again in July most likely. We’ve got two more IUI cycles left before we have to call it quits for a year or more, and I want to do everything I can to try and get one of these two cycles to work.

Our internet is still not back(posting via my phone right now) so I’ll be back most likely on tuesday with an update after I speak with the RE.







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23 07 2011
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[…] like every.fucking.person i know is pregnant. i know y’all remember me telling you about my family member who is pregnant and due exactly two months ahead of when I was due, right? and remember k? thursday night i got a […]

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