4 weeks 4 days/18 DPO update

1 06 2011

I still can’t believe I am pregnant. It’s still a shock to. Keeping this secret is making me crazy.

X knows, of course. My mom knows(not planned on telling her, but I had to call someone while I was freaking out and X was not able to answer the phone). My bestie knows. My message board friends know. But yet, we’re not publicly pregnant at this time.

I want to share. Even if I have a loss, I know I’d want the support. I think we’ll tell the stepkids in another week or so. After we tell them, we have to tell the world. I do have to tell my boss before it goes out on facebook or gets out at work, but she is out on vacation this week. Once I tell her, we’ll probably have to decide when I will tell management. Right now I am hoping to work through the busy season for us and go out around 35 weeks, but I don’t know what pregnancy and working will do to my body so we will be saving every penny I can and hoping to at least make it through 24 weeks at work.

Symptoms: Dude, the boobs HURT. I took my bra off thinking it would help and wanted to immediately put it back on. They’ve been tender for days(normal when AF is here) but today is a whole new level of sore. Food is also weird. I’m starving, but nothing really sounds good or tastes good. I need to cook a bunch of meals this weekend so I have food to take for work since lunchmeat is off the table for the first trimester at least. I’m also exhausted…again, normal for when AF is here, but it just doesn’t seem like its going to let up at all right now. I will be wanting my naps shortly, lol.

Tomorrow is beta #2(though results most likely won’t be in until friday), and I will POAS again. I’m going to buy a digi this weekend as long as beta 2 goes well. Keep your fingers crossed that my number at least doubles!




4 responses

2 06 2011
Finding My New Normal

I’m so happy for you.

2 06 2011

Congrats! I’m currently 5 weeks. The sore boobs have been about my only symptom. Althought I did notice that some of my favorite foods tast different. I just thought it was me. Good Luck.

2 06 2011

Awwww!! I can’t wait for more POAS pics!!!

2 06 2011

the line is darker today, more pics to come this weekend when I break out the big guns..the DIGI!

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