I love my RE

2 06 2011

I love my RE.

Tuesday when I called his office to let them know what was going on, he took the time to talk to me quickly and congratulate me, and tell me to call anytime I have questions.

Today he called again, wanting to know if I had repeat beta numbers in yet(no, I don’t, and at this point it will probably be tomorrow before I get them), and offering to call in a script for proges.terone as a precautionary measure if I wanted it. I of course said yes, because I will take anything I can at this point to make sure this pregnancy sticks around.

Today’s test line is quite a bit darker than Tuesday’s. I’m planning on testing again Saturday, and based on that test I’ll break out the digi either Saturday or Sunday. I just want to see the results on that one.

I’m so glad that my insurance is covering all this bloodwork and the scripts now that I am pregnant. As sucky as it is for TTC, it is excellent for pregnancy(I will pay nothing out of pocket for pregnancy/delivery/etc.).

RE said that as long as everything continues to go good, scan will be in about 2 weeks. He prefers doing it in the 7th week, so I’ve got about 15 days until then!




2 responses

2 06 2011

I had my first scan at 7 weeks. I am glad your RE is so good to you. I am in thorough shock. Congratulations again!

2 06 2011

yeah for compassionate RE’s! Waiting for that first ultrasound is difficult, and then it becomes a waiting game to the next ultrasound. So much waiting, but it is all so good 🙂

I too was SO hungry during those first weeks. and then it turned into the weird food aversion. Jamba juice smoothies were a daily staple for a few weeks, and at times I just had to force myself to eat. The eating was not as bad as the thinking about food. So strange.

Good luck with the second beta! and We’ll all be counting the days until you get that first ultrasound. Congrats again!

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