3 06 2011

I’m going to do today’s update via bullet points…because I can.

  • Beta came back at 63, doubling time of 36 hrs and change. My referral is in to OB, I have to call next week to schedule an intake appointment.
  • Finally starting the proges.terone tonight. There was an issue with how the script was written and the pharmacy could not fill it yesterday, but they had it today no problem. The local place does not keep it in stock, so they told me to just let them know 24 hrs in advance from now on and they can fill it easily(except on sundays..they don’t get drug deliveries on sundays).
  • Told my boss at work today. She’s thrilled for me and has already told me we’ll work with my schedule as needed to make things easier on me as needed.
  • I started a second blog. Some of the posts are almost word for work copies from this blog, but have the more private information edited out. This second blog is for my real life people. Please do not link back to this blog from that one..I don’t want them to find this one.
  • Tomorrow I am 5 weeks, which means my first belly picture. I didn’t take one the day I found out because it wasn’t 4 weeks exactly. I plan on taking them weekly and they have their own page at the top of my blog.
  • I have a friend that sees the same RE as me. They started seeing the RE about 8 months before we did, and have been on a break after a loss. I still haven’t told her that we are pregnant.  I found out today that they are heading back to the RE, and now I am worried about when to tell her, as I don’t want to run into her when I am in for pregnancy related appointments and she is there for monitoring scans and have her find out that way.
  • Nilla wafers sounded so good. So i bought some. and after 4 cookies, I wanted to hurl. Food tastes off. Nothing tastes right. All I want to eat is macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, and ice cream.
  • I checked out a bunch of books that are pregnancy related at the library today. I think tomorrow I will head to the bookstore and actually buy a couple.
  • is it bedtime yet???



3 responses

3 06 2011

I hate to say this…but food STILL is in a love hate relationship with me at 20 weeks. YAY for doubling betas!! The second trimester will hopefully be better in the exhaustion department. Pregnancy is an interesting beast!

4 06 2011

Awww!!! I can’t wait for tumtum pics! I would tell your friend ASAP, it would be better coming from you than bumping into you in the RE office or something. Plus, she will be so thrilled for you (((hugs)))

6 06 2011

All I wanted when I was pregnant was cheese…melted cheese of anykind…and this was only in the first 2 weeks or so…I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was over 5 weeks (this was with our first). Oh…and the boobs…yup, felt like punching bags!! Anyhow, it will get better. Congratulations!!!!!

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