4 06 2011

In the days since I found out I was pregnant, baby has grown from a poppyseed, to a sesame seed, and now to an apple seed. It amazes me how quickly it grows and changes…a poppyseed is miniscule compared to an appleseed!

I’ve been devouring my library books and hating that they are library books. I want to mark them up like crazy and take notes…not allowed, unfortunately. I did buy two books at the store today, DK’s Pregnancy Day by Day and a Baby Name Book. I know it’s early to start truly talking names, but seeing that I am a military wife and know my husband will be gone a good chunk of the pregnancy, I figured it can’t hurt to get it early…plus I couldn’t decide between the other books, lol.

I’m loving the day by day books so far. They are really helping me get a picture of what is normal and what is not, etc. I’m also loving that the book I purchased today references that things are different with medical assistance pregnancies, and touches on that a bit so far. I plan on doing a lot of reading during this pregnancy, about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and the first year…but I figure I can wait on birth and such until the second trimester. Right now I am focusing on pregnancy books. If you have suggestions for good ones, I’d love to hear about them.

As for the friend I talked about in the last post? I saw her today, and I just couldn’t say anything. As excited as I am, I am just not ready for it to be out in the open yet. Everyone that knows so far knows to keep their mouth extremely shut, because I just am not ready to be publicly pregnant.

This hunger is weird to me. I am starving every 3 hours or so. I ate breakfast at 6(I woke up starving), had a pretzel while I was at the store at 9,  lunch at 11:30, was starving at 3 so I ate again(just an apple and a yogurt), starving again at 6 so I had dinner(mac n cheese), and if things go according to how the last few nights went, by ten I will be so hungry again that I will be nauseous and on the verge of passing out.

So far the two foods that taste good all the time and the same as before are mashed potatoes(no cheese, out of a box instant kind) and king’s hawa.iian rolls. Everything else it just depends on the food. The smell of a soap store made me almost sick this morning, but the smell of a pretzel made me crave it instantly..until half the pretzel was gone, and then it tasted like crap, lol.

Right now I am just taking things day by day, sometimes meal by meal. I hate my prenatals(ran out of my old prescription and the new ones are a different kind), but its just because they are horse pills, not because of taste yet. The proges.terone…well, it’s an interesting and messy companion. I’m hoping I don’t have to take it beyond the inital 3 week supply of it. I’ll take it if necessary, but I’m definitely hoping that it is not.

Today’s pee stick had the test line show first, and the lines are almost equally dark. I also finally broke out the digi, and got the answer I have been waiting to see for years. Pics are up on the page. Belly pics will probably be up tomorrow. Make sure you vote in the poll too! I’m going to leave it up until the first ultrasound..and then after that, we’ll move on to guessing the gender, lol!




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5 06 2011

Holy cow! Already that big! I remember looking at these. It truly is a miracle every time!

5 06 2011

I used to love the sites/books that related baby side to easily recognizable objects. The only problem was when it related them to a size of food. “Your baby is now the size of a peanut.” Oh yum! I could really go for a bag of peanuts…. “Your baby is now the size of a kiwi.” I haven’t had a kiwi in forever. I really want one now… Speaking of apple seeds, is anyone else in the mood for apple pie now? (And I’m not even pregnant!) 😀

5 06 2011

That should say “baby size” not “baby side”.

6 06 2011

wow you have had quite the journey over the last few weeks…congratulations 🙂 I hope the next 8 months are all smooth sailing for you with fewer surprises (unless they are good surprises 😉

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