Publicly Pregnant, Scan Date, and OB Intake

6 06 2011

We’re publicly pregnant! We started telling everyone yesterday and they are thrilled. I’m a bit terrified, but trying to think positive.

Scan at the RE is on Tuesday, 6/14

OB Intake Class is also Tuesday, 6/14

Either Tuesday will be a great day, or a shitty day. I’m hoping for the first.

My boobs are KILLING me. Wearing a bra hurts. Not wearing one hurts. Turning over in my sleep hurts. I’m not sure if its just the natural progression of pregnancy or the proges.terone kicking in, but either way…they hurt.

Food is starting to be a bit more suspect. I keep getting waves of nausea today. I was craving grilled cheese and finally got one and it tasted sooo good. I’m not sure what I will make for dinner..nothing sounds good yet. Just the thought of garlic makes me want to hurl, so that limits me from some things. I love the symptoms, as they reassure me that I am still pregnant, but at the same time they are driving me crazy.

Cramping is getting really old. I keep getting them mostly in my back, which is a bit odd. The excess CM is also terrifying me..between that and the proges.terone discharge, I keep running to the restroom thinking I am bleeding.

The bosses know at work, including the big boss. As of right now we all agree the plan is for me to work through Christmas, and starting January 1 go out on leave, pending any issues that might cause me to go out earlier in pregnancy. I’m not sure I will be returning to work after the baby is born though. We can afford for me to stay home as long as we continue to live on our budget, and after waiting so long for a baby of my own, I don’t want to work basically to just pay for care and not get to spend the precious time with my baby. As of this moment, my plan is to go back at most 24 hrs a week, but realistically I doubt I will go back at all. Not telling management that at this time though…I’ll wait until closer to the end of my pregnancy to make a final decision. I truly enjoy my job and the adult interaction, but its going to be hard enough essentially being a single parent for most to all of baby’s first year(I’m a military wife, and my husband will be deploying during that time), not to mention trying to add on being a working single parent. I know I won’t lack for adult interaction at that point, as I’ve made plenty of friends outside of work, but who knows how I will feel then.

I was once again wide awake at 6 am today, after not getting to sleep until 1. Once that bladder wakes me up, the boobs hurt worse and I just can’t doze back off. I’ll be trying to take a nap shortly, lol.





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7 06 2011

Oh Jen, I feel your booby pain! I found a boutique nursing store and they helped fit me for a sleep bra and a new supportive bra to wear during the day. They are both nursing bras so I’ll be able to wear them again after the baby comes. The night bra made sleeping SO much better. I recently started taking some extra B6 (200 mg) and have been able to sleep bra-less a few nights this past week. Not sure if it is the B6 or if it is just getting passed the first trimester.

I also very highly recommend ginger beer for the nausea. They are sold in the soft drink section of regular grocery stores. I’ve been sipping on one all afternoon, and it really helps take the edge off.

7 06 2011

early pregnancy symptoms suck. The cramps, the boobs hurting, the CM, everything sucks when you are already nervous about staying pregnant. I hope that it will eventually get better for you as time goes on.

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