Let the puking begin…

7 06 2011

Oh hell. Morning (actually lets call it overnight) sickness has started to set in.

For a few days, I’ve felt really nauseous if I don’t snack at night and first thing in the morning. Last night I almost got sick just rolling over in bed because in about 3 seconds I went from not hungry to ifidonteatrightthisverysecondiwillstarve hungry and nauseous. Waking up at 3 am to pee triggered another bout of severe nausea. This morning I got up and before I even had a chance to grab anything to eat, instant sick. Okay then. Lesson learned. I’ll be keeping food under my nightstand and eating every time I wake, even if it is 3 am. Ironically, I felt pretty good starting around 8 until the last hour or so. Apparently I’m just going to be sick around the same time I had the clo.mid side effects as well, lol.

My boobs are exploding out of my bra, or so it feels. I have two bras that I love..one that I wear when AF is here and my boobs are a bit bigger, one that I wear most the rest of the time. Both are the same size, just cut differently so one is a bit roomier. Well, the roomier one is feeling snug. I’m not sure that I am ready to buy new bras(they cost me at least $50 each due to the sizing), so I’m thinking I might just have to buy some really oversize sports bras and layer them for the support right now.

I had some pink spotting this morning, but it was mostly in my CM and never even reached the pad. I think it was due to the fact that last night I put the proges.terone in a little farther than normal, because as soon as the morning proges.terone gunk discharge was gone, there was no more spotting. I’m trying not to focus on that since it was only a little bit and I know my cervix was irritated most likely.

In the mornings, my regular pants are still comfortable at work. By early afternoon, sitting is almost impossible unless I unbutton them. Standing is not very comfortable either. I can’t pull the rubberband trick or use my shirt to hide the fact that my pants are undone, as my shirt has to be tucked in at this point. I’m probably going to order some more pants 2 sizes bigger this weekend to cover the gap between now and maternity, as i’m not ready to attempt maternity pants or shirts at work yet…as that also would mean telling everyone at work that I am pregnant. I’ve put it out on face.book, but I’ve asked everyone at work to not tell anyone, and just let people find out as they do. In the last few days its gone from 2 coworkers to about 15 knowing(out of 80), so it’s not going to be long before everyone knows.

When we told family, we called our parents and grandparents to tell them and decided to let everyone else know via face.book and word of mouth(well, I told my brother via phone, as he was there when I called my mom to let her know we were public). It’s been quite hilarious to see everyone’s reactions to the news, as a lot of people assumed we would never have children of our own or at all. Those that did know we were trying for a long time have been so overjoyed. My friends from our last duty station have decided that we’re going to have to have a sky.pe shower or something when it gets closer to the due date.

It’s slowly sinking in that this just might be real. Ittybitty is actually in there…and in about 35 weeks, might be a real live baby in my arms….




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12 06 2011

oh the hunger! I’ve been bringing a snack to eat in bed just before I go to sleep, keeping almonds on my nightstand, and in the morning I grab my robe and eat a bowl of cereal before I can do anything else. I have granola bars in my purse, and crackers in my car. Pretzels at my desk too. its a little crazy, but you’ll find what works for you.

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