17 06 2011

I’m finally ready to put my thoughts about the last week’s(well, really two months) experiences at my RE’s clinic into a post. This is not an easy post to write, but a very necessary one.

There are two RE’s at my clinic: Dr. Europe(my RE), and Dr. Doom(the RE who started the clinic). Dr. Europe is young, at most 40. He’s been at the clinic just about a year now, and came fresh fellowships and trainings at some top notch programs across Europe and the East Coast USA. He’s become quickly known as the specialist for the area in microsurgery and PCOS. Dr. Doom is older, probably getting close to ‘retirement age’. I know there are pictures in the clinic of babies that are now high school grads, so that gives you some perspective on his age. He’s very well trained, but is highly conservative and tends to go with the ‘by-the-book’ treatments only.

I love Dr. Europe. Every experience with him has been excellent. He’s called me personally every time something has come up(back before we found out about the pregnancy when there was the bleeding, after we found out about the pregnancy, and twice this week with lab results) and is willing to try new techniques. He’s extremely thorough and kind. He pushed to get early morning hours added to the clinic, and Sunday hours-before he started, the clinic was only open 8 am-4pm M-Th, and 8 am-12pm F-Sa. He’s pushing now to get some late night hours added at least once a week, because he knows that most of us can’t get there during the current hours easily and wants to be able to work around work schedules more. The biggest thing for me is he listens to me as a patient, and is glad I’ve done my research.

Dr. Doom…as far as I can tell, pretty much no one likes Dr. Doom. He’s loud, harsh, and refuses to try any of the newer treatment options. When we went in for my first follie scan, I was concerned about scheduling my followup around work. He told me that we should just cancel the cycle now if this wasn’t more important than work to me. Not to mention, every single time I go in and have to see him, he treats me like a child. The absolute worst was when we were sitting in the waiting room on Tuesday after the devastating scan, waiting for my bloodwork results to come back, and through the closed door we can hear Dr. Doom clearly talking to EACH of his patients about their treatment and followup in the checkout room. Dr. Europe came up to get my results, and was updating Dr. Doom(the only reason I even knew that Dr. Europe was there was I had seen him through the check-in window) as to the situation and we could HEAR Dr. Doom plainly talking about my case and bashing me. (this is not just my experience. I have several other friends that have been seen or are currently being seen at this office and no one has had a single positive experience with this doctor)

I am torn as to stay at my clinic or not. This is the ONLY RE’s office within a 3 hr drive, basically, and the only one covered by my insurance. I’m not too concerned about insurance coverage since my insurance covers none of my treatment anyway. I love Dr. Europe and wish I never had to deal with Dr. Doom. I mostly only have to deal with him during weekend appointments anyway, and I might be able to avoid those once we start cycling again anyway. I’m not sure what to do about Dr. Doom…I want to report him for privacy violations(definitely not appropriate for him to talk about my case and let the entire waiting room know what is going on), but I don’t want to jeopardize my treatment at the clinic. Any advice as to how to approach this? I will be talking to Dr. Europe at my followup consult about this, and my desire to avoid Dr. Doom if at all possible.




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17 06 2011

I just wanted to let you know that you have every right not to be treated by Dr. Cold. Voice your concerns to Dr. Europe and tell him that you only want his care. You have rights as a patient under his care. And I am sorry that you are dealing with an insensitive jerk 😦

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