Another one bites the dust…

29 06 2011

another ICLW, that is.

Last month was my first time participating in ICLW. I made it through two days before my cycle started to fall apart, before I got the crazy BFP that turned into an ectopic, during the cycle where I went from infertile & ttc, to pregnant, to dealing with an ectopic loss and trying to find my way again.

This month I was determined to do better, even with everything going on. I’m proud to say that as of 9:45 pm eastern time last night, I managed to comment on every single blog on the June 2011 ICLW list. Holy cow guys, your blogs are awesome. I feel inadequate after reading so many amazing posts. My reader is overflowing with blogs to catch up on, I have so many posts bookmarked for information about this whole crazy journey, and most of all I am energized about posting again.

I’m wishing we could take a few months off MA and TTC naturally, but that’s not going to happen. I’m getting signs that my body is starting to do its normal thing and I’m hoping I O on time, and we can go back to MA next cycle so we can try twice more before Mr. X deploys. This whole military/TTC thing is a giant time crunch…we’ve only got a few months before he leaves, and then once he gets home, we’ll hopefully only have about six months until we move again. If we aren’t lucky enough before he leave, we might get to try again while he’s on R&R, and then again when he comes home, but we’re trying to think positive.

I’m back to obsessively charting now that the bleeding has stopped. I’m going to be watching all the signs like a hawk this month so that we can know if I O or not. If I haven’t O’d by 4 weeks after the bleeding started, I have to call in and we’ll see about prov.era to jump start things. I really am hoping to avoid that. I’m curious to hear what the new plan is as well, as we’d discussed some things before the BFP, but I’m not sure if that will stay the same or not.

So here’s to obsessing over another day, woot.




One response

29 06 2011

Wow! That’s an accomplishment! I never make it through every single one.

I have been following your ectopic journey over the last month and I really am sorry that you had to go through it. I hope your next BFP goes better.

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