Could it be???

2 07 2011

My body hates to cooperate. Hates it. Even on my medicated cycle, I didn’t O until day 18.

I figured after the loss, I’d end up doing pro.vera to induce a bleed so we could start again. After all, there was no way my body could cooperate.

Today is CD13, and I’m having all the signs that my body is gearing up to O. I have no hope of Oing on CD14. I’m not that normal. But heck, if I could O before CD20, I’ll be a happy girl. It would give me some hope that my body is actually recovering well from this loss, that I didn’t screw things up permanently. I’d actually lost weight while pregnant, and I’ve lost a few more pounds since then, which is nice. I’ve gotten back to working out in the last few days and I actually feel much better since getting back to it, after almost two months of no working out(couldn’t work out during a portion of my cycle with my RE, and then was not allowed to once I got pregnant due to the proges.terone issues and the fact that my job is already high activity).

I need to find a new workout plan, one that allows me to continue working out during TTC and pregnancy. Running is frowned upon by my RE during the time post clo.mid and up to 5 DPO on IUI cycles, and my PCM doesn’t want me running during early pregnancy because of other health issues that could flare up. During the summer, I can swim, which is fine with both docs, but there are no indoor pools in the area we live in, mostly because outdoor pools are open about 6.5 months a year. I’m going to have to try and find a pilates studio in the area, or maybe some new dvds to do at home since that is an approved workout as well.

We’ve decided to try on our own this cycle, because you never know what could happen. As of 3 days ago, I’m 100% back on the GI diet, eating like I have diabetes to ensure my insu.lin resistance is under control and that we keep this silly PCOS in check as much as we can. I have to see my PCM for more baseline bloodwork next week, to recheck¬† everything and make sure that my hormones have fallen back into normal ranges now. My RE ran a complete baseline at his lab during one of my HCG redraws, but my PCM wants it done at her lab as well so we can compare it to my results from 3 months ago.

I’ll probably be pretty quiet in the next week. We only have custody of my stepchildren for the rest of the week and then they will be moving very far away while my husband is deployed. We’re going to be spending as much time with them as possible while they remain. Have a happy 4th of july for all the americans, and don’t hurt yourself with the fireworks! And for everyone else….well, you should come celebrate, fireworks are awesome at any time!




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2 07 2011

I hope you have a great weekend with the kids:) So i am trying to eat a gestational diabetes diet. Do you have any tips?

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