It’s ICLW time again!

21 07 2011

Welcome ICLWer’s! If this is your first time coming by my blog, I’m glad to see you here! If you’re here once again, welcome back!

I’m Jennifer, I’m a 20-something wife and stepmom. I love to read, create crafty goodness, eat ice cream, and explore the world. You can find our detailed cycle history at the top, and my previous ICLW posts at the top as well.

Right now we are on CD3 of our first cycle back at the RE following an ectopic loss. This cycle we are doing Clo.mid at 150, and doing IUI with donor sperm. This is our second IUI/donor sperm cycle and 5th clo.mid cycle. We are dealing with PCOS, Endo, MFI, and repetitive loss. We are on a strict time crunch due to my husband’s upcoming deployment.

I hope to get to know you all better this week during ICLW and I hope you will all answer a question for me!

Here’s my question:

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?


(and yes, I consider this one of life’s most important questions, lol)




2 responses

21 07 2011

I’m not doing ICLW, but chocolate, definitely chocolate 🙂

23 07 2011

Hello from ICLW!!! My favorite is a toss up. I really like mint chocolate chip, but I also really really like the Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra (but that is more for really bad nights when I need to binge on something sweet…lol).

ICLW #114

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