Hot flash…………

27 07 2011

Just as the weather finally takes a turn for the cooler side(well, if the high 80’s can be considered cool), the clo.mid hot flashes set in. Holy crap are they annoying.

There’s really not a lot going on right now. I’m in that lull between meds and monitoring, and just trying to stay afloat. Real life keeps trying to take over and I’m kind of letting it win. Financially, this cycle is draining us. We long ago said we would not go into debt for any kind of fertility treatment or adoption-we HAD to be able to pay for it completely in cash in order to proceed. Part of that is why it took us so long to start these donor IUI cycles. We had some unexpected expenses come up that took part of our budget and while that money will come back, its a wait until it does return. We’re probably going to break our own rule and finance the rest of this cycle and the next cycle(if there is one) so we can have the money in savings in case of any more emergency expenses.

Today I’m being extra domesticated, so this post has taken me like 50 million times longer to write than normal, lol. I cleaned the kitchen, am doing laundry, washed the walls in the master bedroom in preparation for painting, have 5 loaves of bread currently rising downstairs(to go with my local farm fresh butter and local wildflower honey that I bought at the farmers market yesterday). And then of course, there are the mood swings and hot flashes that interrupt all of this and make me feel like a crazy loon.

Tomorrow starts the OPK’s, and the countdown to the IUI truly begins.




One response

29 07 2011

The money part of it all sucks butt. I don’t know how possible it is for you to switch jobs but NAF jobs on base offer insurance that covers IUI, meds and testing. The downside is that tricare becomes your secondary insurance while you have the other (aetna). I work in lodging and I made the switch to aetna for the sole reason of the IUI coverage (they will cover 6 cycles) and since tricare will cover some stuff the out of pocket isn’t horrible- I paid 21.00 for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork. Its hard to go from free medical to having a copay but I’m hoping it’ll pay off!

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