CD13 and Follie Scan

31 07 2011

Today is CD13. We upped my dose of clo.mid this cycle in hopes of getting me to respond quicker, as my RE doesn’t like to see ovulation any later than CD16.

Once again, I have 3 follicles. One on the left, two on the right. All measuring exactly the same at 12. Yes, I’m having deja vu. Last time on CD12 I had 3 at 12 and 13. We go back for a rescan on Thursday, and I’m guessing the IUI will be a week from today.

Dr. Doom was the RE for the day today, as Dr. Euro is on vacation until later this week. Today actually went MUCH better than the last time I saw him. He noted that this is now two cycles where my body has not really responded to the clo.mid(I ovulate on my own most cycles between CD18 and CD21) and that the only thing its really doing for me at this point is helping to have a few more follies develop. He’s not sure he would even recommend doing a sixth and final cycle at this point, but wants me to talk to Dr. Euro when I come in for rescan to see what he thinks since he is my primary RE. I’m going to push for it, because unless he’ll do fe.mara, that is the end for us until we can save up for IVF in 2013, post deployment. I can’t swing Injects + DS at this point.

There’s not much else to this update. Continuing with the OPK’s until Thursday, at which point we’ll see what Dr. Euro has to say.




One response

1 08 2011

Best of luck! I hope you can get this IUI in. The waiting is the hardest part, and holding off until 2013 is a really long time 😦

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