IUI Scheduled

3 08 2011

Originally my follie recheck was scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30. Based on how slow my follies grew last cycle and such, I was guessing that one of two things would happen.

  1. I would still not be ready, and have to come back Sunday for IUI(allowing for growth at 1mm a day, that would put my follies at about 20 on Sunday).
  2. I would be ready, and be able to do the IUI same day(allowing for growth at 2mm a day, putting my follies at about 20 on Thursday).

I’ve been taking OPK’s twice daily since CD9, and finally yesterday they started getting darker, and this morning’s was almost positive. The clinic called me this morning to reschedule my scan because they have an IVF retrieval that they need to do first thing, and instead based on my OPK’s we’ve just changed it to an IUI appointment.

So in less than 24 hrs, I’ll be back at the doc. We’ll be doing another quick scan to just make sure my lining and everything looks good, and then the IUI will be done as well. I will be starting proges.terone at 5 DPO to help out in the 2ww as well. We’re still unsure whether my insurance will cover the proges.terone or not, as it is considered pregnancy support, but they don’t cover anything until I have a positive pregnancy test normally. I’m really hoping that they will cover it, because otherwise we’re looking at about $200 out of pocket for the proges.terone. I’ll pay it either way, because I truly feel its necessary for me to have a healthy pregnancy.


I’ll update again after my appt tomorrow!




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