4 08 2011

At 9 this morning, I was at the RE.

At 10, my cycle was canceled.

By noon, my cycle wasn’t canceled, but it wasn’t a go ahead either..

Rollercoaster day, eh?

Had a scan at the RE to ensure follies are ready. Wait a minute..biggest follie is only 14. Crap. And now there are 5 follies instead of three. Five follies is above the RE’s limit for IUI cycles. Double crap.

Get dressed. Go talk to the RE. We have two options: A: bloodwork to see where we stand, and then cancel the cycle most likely, B: do the IUI and assume the follies are collapsing.

B was NOT an option. We’re not wasting the money. We had a nice long chat about next cycle, and where he sees us going from here. He is NOT holding me to a limit of 6 Clo.mid cycles maximum, but he will limit me to 6 cycles with him before we move on to something else. He will also consider doing letr.azole instead of clo.mid, which gives me another option before injectables. Next cycle the plan is to go back to 100 mg clo.mid because my response was good, just slow. We’ll do later monitoring, and possibly add lu.pron to help delay ovulation until we are sure the follies are where we want them. We WILL trigger, to help ensure that all the follicles mature and release. Prog.esterone in the 2ww, starting at 5DPO.

I also asked about what if we don’t get pregnant before Mr. X deploys. I don’t want to deal with horrible endo pain for the entire year. He doesn’t want to do another lap unless we make the move to IVF, but he will let me do lu.pron suppression for 6-9 months of the deployment, which is perfect by me.

My bloodwork came back with elevated levels of LH, but nowhere near where they should be if I had actually started surging. We’re going in for a repeat scan on Sunday(for FREE, because the RE wants to see what is going on and doesn’t plan on charging me since we are self-pay patients) and one of two results will happen then: A- we’ll finally officially cancel the cycle or B-we’ll proceed with the cycle and do the IUI sometime around then.

I’m so tired of this rollercoaster. I was relieved this morning when the cycle was canceled. Disappointed, but relieved. Relieved to not be in follie limbo for a few weeks, relieved to not have to deal with the stress of all this for a few weeks, but disappointed that we were losing out on a precious chance. So now we are stuck on the rollercoaster again, waiting to see if we get off the ride for a few weeks, or just hang on for our lives for a few more weeks…




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4 08 2011

Just out of curiosity, what CD are you taking the Clomid? Has he considered having you take it earlier, so as to speed up follicular development? I know CD3-7 or 5-9 is most standard, but I’ve also heard of starting it on CD1. I don’t know that it would make a difference, but it does seem like it might.

As for whether to go ahead or not, I think you made the right call. On both of our injectibles/IUI cycles, my LH surged early (biggest follicle about 14-15 mm). Both were negative, I believe because the eggs simply weren’t mature. However, my RE at the time didn’t even suggest cancelling our cycle, which in hindsight kinda pisses me off.

Hoping that your follies do some super-growing between now and Sunday and that everything can proceed as planned.


4 08 2011

I’m doing CD3-7. He’s not too concerned with my slow response, since it is a good response, but would prefer to see earlier ovulation. We’ll wait and see what happens this week, and decide exactly what to change up next time. I’m glad he’s at least honest about cancelling things and not just trying to take our money.

4 08 2011

Roller coasters are only fun in amusement parks…not in emotions and expectations. I was sad to hear this. I hope for better news on Sunday!

4 08 2011

Aw gee, that is a roller coaster and I was hoping to read better news about today. One thing my RE said during one of my cycles that was much like yours after my first scan was to exercise at a moderate to intense level for 2 hours a day until the next scan. So I went to the gym for 3 or 4 days after that for only an hour (since I didn’t have time for 2), and it worked. The other less mature follicles dissipated and the big ones got huge and I was prime for trigger. So you could always try running/elliptical/crazy manic dancing for an hour every day in addition to any usual workouts between now and Sunday, and maybe that would help. I have everything crossed for you Jen!

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