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10 08 2011

We officially canceled the cycle on Sunday. It’s a relief to be canceled, but depressing too.

I bought more OPK’s since they were on sale at wal.greens and I had a coupon. Got home, the box was EXPIRED. Went back, threw a fit, and the manager gave me the nice big expensive pack of digis instead. SO now I have digi OPK’s for next month.

I have 9 days until I go on vacation at work. I don’t know if I can make it 9 days. zomg.

Oh, and I’m quitting my job. Yeah, last straw hit recently. Finances will be tighter, but I know I can find another job shortly after X deploys. Right now my priority needs to be my family.

I’m so flipping exhausted. I haven’t felt rested in several months, between TTCMA stress, work, and other things. I can’t wait to have an entire paid week off to do NOTHING but sleep for hours.

We’re planning a vacation in late September. I cannot wait to go. Our last real vacation was our honeymoon, 5 years ago.

I’m just floating along. I’ll be back once AF comes(within the next 5 days, I’d guess) and will be back to ‘normal’ then!




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11 08 2011

I am glad you have some relief even if it is sad.

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