IUI #2, Take 2

21 08 2011

We’re finally cycling again! AF showed this morning after a 17 day LP(and numerous negative hpt’s) and so we are officially a go once more.

Just as a reminder: Clo.mid 100 mg days 3-7, first follie scan on CD15(9/4). Yeah, Labor day weekend. I’m doing really good at always having weekend appointments….first cycle, it was a sunday and saturday. Second cycle, sunday and sunday. Now third cycle…sunday and….? I’ll have to sneak that time off request into the books, because I can’t imagine my boss will be happy with that one.

I don’t really care at this point. I’m on vacation this week, and turning in my notice when I go back. If they won’t give me the time off, I’ll just be done. My family is more important than my career at this point, and since I have another job(that will be starting soon, just waiting on the post summer furlough to end) I can afford to be out for a few weeks.

All in all, what really matters is that I am finally cycling again, and moving forward to our goal of building a family.




2 responses

21 08 2011

Yay for you getting a new job! That is much needed for you!! I am glad that AF finally showed. Lots of prayers are going out to you this cycle.

21 08 2011

Work drama is so overrated! blegh… Sorry that you can’t have a more supportive place to work.

Thrilled that you are back in the game and ready to cycle again this month. ohhh are my fingers crossed for you that this is it!

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