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17 09 2011

Yes, I know I have been strangely silent this cycle. I just felt like I needed to take this cycle off from blogging, to just focus on my life and pretend the cycle wasn’t happening. It worked though…I got my BFP yesterday at 10 DPO!

To recap this cycle since my last post:

Follie scan on 9/4:
two good follies, both on the left ovary, measuring only 1 mm apart. Trigger that night. Immediately start using i.c’s to test out the trigger. First test was positive less than 20 minutes after trigger shot.

IUI 9/6:
I get into the office and doc has a student with him. doc asks if I mind if student does a quick ultr.asound as practice and sets me up for the IUI. sure, why not. Both follies were at over 20 mm! It was a pain getting the cath through my cer.vix as usual, but once it got in there no problems. Count was even higher than last time. lay there for 20 minutes, get up, and go to work. Feel very strong ovulation pains about 2 hrs later. Excellent timing.

Every day since then through 9 DPO/11DPT:
Test using IC’s to watch the trigger go away. Finally see a negative on 9DPO/11DPT.

10 DPO/12DPT:
test using IC, because I have enough of them to pee on every day and still not run out before my beta. HOly shit, there’s a second line…..use the FR.ER….omg omg there is a line too! Pregnant! Barely manage to keep my mouth shut until I can tell xao in person that night.

today(11 DPO/13DPT):
tested again. another set of two lines. they are still light, but today’s is a bit darker than yesterdays. I don’t expect much this early.

My gut instinct told me on 4 DPO that this was it, that I was pregnant. I started feeling it shortly after that. I would have been beyond stunned to not get a positive this cycle. I’ll be doing betas next week, and after betas will get a scan date booked.

I’m 3 weeks 4 days today, due 29 May!





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17 09 2011


17 09 2011
Fiona McIntyre

Awesome news!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 09 2011


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