Picking up the pieces

6 12 2011

It’s been 5.5 months since we lost IttyBitty, and 2.5 months since we lost MaybeBaby. I’m finally starting to feel like I can possibly begin to pick up the pieces again.

Three hours after posting my last post, my friend that sees the same RE as me found out she’s pregnant. So far, all is good and she’s now just about 9 weeks with twins, which makes me happy for her but also really sad. Her entire world revolves around the pregnancy, and its very hard for me with the holidays and Itty’s due date looming to be okay with that.

I’m surrounded by fertile family. One cousin just delivered her baby, two others are due in March, another in April, and another in June. I’m about ready to consider dropping off face.book altogether to avoid the pregnancy announcements.

Mr. X is not deployed, but we have another deployment date looming soon. This one is also going to be a year long, leaving sooner than we had hoped, unless we can get out of here. That’s highly unlikely. I’m so sick of the military, it isn’t even funny.

After 4 weeks and 2 days, all my test results finally came back. 14 vials of blood and every test that my insurance would cover later, I’m considered 100% normal and there is no genetic or physical reason for miscarriages and I’m just lucky enough to have shitty luck.

Apparently my body decided now is the time to regulate itself. Last month I had a 28 day cycle, with a 14 day LP. This month is looking to be the same so far. This just means it will be even longer before we can head back to the RE.

We’ve got a game plan for next time: let.rozole, trigger, and IUI with prog.esterone as needed. Dr. Europe has also suggested that we choose another donor, to “help karma out as much as possible”.

I hate having to choose another donor. I’ve known for over a month that we need to choose a different donor and yet I’ve hardly looked. I don’t want to deal with that again, but I can understand his reasoning. Here’s where I need your help. I know several of you have used DI to build your family. What banks did you consider? What bank did you finally choose? Are there any banks you had bad experiences with? We’ve had good experiences with the bank we used for our first two cycles, but we’re wanting to look around and find the donor that fits best and try and find a bank that is less expensive as well. I could use all your input as we try, once again, to pick the donor we will use to build our family.




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11 12 2011

Hi! I just found your blog through ICLW and even though it hasn’t started I wanted to check it out since you are also using donor sperm. We are going to do our first IUI with donor sperm in a couple weeks, so we don’t know how lucky we will be with this particular donor. We went with one of the big cryobanks…California…and have had a good experience as far as customer service. I did notice that their prices are increasing in 2012, so if you use them you may want to order before the end of the year to save a little bit of money. We seriously considered Fairfax and were really interested in European Sperm Bank out of Seattle. Cryogenic Laboratories (affiliated with Fairfax) seemed cheaper than the other big banks. We went with California simply because the donor we ended up choosing was with them. I don’t know which cryobank you’ve already used so you may already know all of this! Good luck with your decision!

18 01 2012

We have been TTC for almost 3 years now. We were diagnosed with severe MFI on DH’s side. After several failed IUI’s and no fertility coverage, we’ve moved on to DS. We have been inseminating at home with NW Cryobank. No doctors fees, no doctor needed to sign off on anything. They send our vials right to the house with specific instructions on how to insem. They have a forum there with tons of info and success stories. We’re due to insem in 2 days and this will be our 3rd try at home. If your Dr says that you are ok, it can’t hurt to try on your own.

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