A new year, a new outlook

24 01 2012

A year ago, 2012 was supposed to be the year we finally went back to MA.

9 months ago, 2012 turned intothe year of the baby.

6 months ago, 2012 became the year of deployment and baby and remembering heartbreak.

3 months ago, 2012 was looking like it was going to be the year of pain, loss, and not trying again.

This month, I decided to make a change. As many sad events that we will remember this year, I also want to remember the good things- the times as our family of two, with our extended family.

2012 is bring a lot of changes to our family. X is dealing with some work changes, I’ve got an awesome new job as well. We’ve got some other major changes that will affect our TTCMA status as well.

Health wise, I’m struggling to get back into shape after being unable to workout for 8 weeks with a foot injury. I’ve ended back up on met.formin recently to try and get things going again-my cycles have become highly irregular as well.

{originally written in January 2012, this post sat around as a draft for four months before I got around to publishing it on it’s original writing date}




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