Still here, still waiting

17 04 2012

I feel like that is the mantra of our lives now. Wait. wait. wait. wait. wait. I had no choice but to step away from the blog or spend the last few months crying.

Let’s see, where are we since me last post? I broke my foot thanksgiving weekend, was on crutches for 7 weeks, it healed. I watched four different friends announce their pregnancies. We passed my due date with IttyBitty. I hosted a baby shower for the friend who is expecting thanks to Dr. Eur.ope. I’ve gotten a few promotions from my amazing new job and love the flexibility I have with it.

Are you ready for the biggest news? I’m moving. Not just to a new house, but to a new state. A really far away state. But of course, none of this is official since we are dealing with the military. It won’t be official for a few more months, but this brings us to a new dilemma.

When do we get back on the TT.CMA wagon? We’ve got an approximate timeline for our move, and I don’t want to risk being too pregnant to move(past 28 weeks) or too early and nervous during the move(first trimester). Not to mention, I need to redo a lot of my testing since it has now been a year since it was all done. I know I have to redo all my baseline labs, and possibly need to do another HSG. Plus I need to talk to my RE about let.rozole vs clo.mid…Any input? I’m very scared of the cost of let.rozole cycling, since the pharmacy quotes have it at $80 for 3 pills of the lowest dosage.

Mr. X  is in the midst of picking our next donor. I told him to narrow it down to three based on our previous criteria, and then I’ll help him decide on a final choice. I don’t know when we’ll get to use it, but I want to have this decision made.

I’m so tired of being responsible. I’m ready to be a selfish bitch for a bit and just do what I want. After this many years of not having a child, I’m done. I don’t care if we run up debt anymore(well, at least to a certain extent). I’m done waiting until we have enough funding in place to make us happy. Something is always going to be not perfect and I’m done. It works for teen moms, why not me?




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