One step down, who knows how many to go

20 04 2012

I am not sure as to when we will go back to the RE, or if we even will before we move, but we decided to move forward like we are planning on going back, just in case we decide we are ready.

First step, get a new referral(mine expired back in March, and even though my insurance covers none of the treatment, it’s worth getting it to have it in place for early pregnancy monitoring, should we make it that far, and not have to panic and try and get one in place then). I’ve written before about my amazing PCM, who has tried to do as much as she can for us to make this journey easier, whether it’s writing scripts for me so I can fill them at the local pharmacy at no cost, ordering labs so I don’t have to make the round trip drive to the RE, etc. When I saw her for my ‘annual’ appointment at the beginning of the year, she told me to just call and leave a message with the nurse when we were ready to go back and she’d put in a new referral for me.

So, earlier this week, I called in. Oh shit. My doctor left the practice 6 weeks ago. WTF??? Well, can my new doctor just write the referral without an appointment since I have already been to the RE, and it’s just expired? No. Shit. So, I have to make an appointment to go in and talk with my new doctor in order to get a referral. It’s going to be a freaking two minute long appointment, but it’s just another hoop that I have to jump through in this crazy circus.

I was really hoping to be able to call the RE soon so we can at least start testing, given how irregular my cycles are now(43 days for the last cycle, 56 for the one before that). If I don’t get a call in soon, we run the risk of not being able to start cycling at all, given how long I go between periods now and the fact that I want such a narrow window for moving.

And to top it all off, I’m doing all of this in secrecy because we aren’t telling anyone local that we are headed back, mostly because we don’t want to hear the questions about how things are going, etc. Which means, I either get to stab myself in the butt for the trigger, or get DH to do it for me. Not sure which one is going to work out, I probably need to prepare to do it myself, but I don’t relish the thought. We’ve got time before we have to cross that line, thankfully.




One response

23 04 2012

If I were your neighbor, Id totally poke you in the butt! >:D Ya know…to be helpful 😉

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