I’m a lucky girl, with great friends

24 04 2012

I don’t live in a perfect world. I’m surrounded by SAFP, but I also have some amazing friends. Some read this blog, others don’t even know about it and will never, but all have given me tons of support. (Names changed to protect the innocent…or guilty, bwahahaha)

First, one of my most frequent commenters, I have to give mad props to Jackalackadingdong. No, that’s not her real name, but she’s one of the best friends a girl could ask for. She reads my blog, harasses me by text with dorky names when she thinks I could use a hug, never asks for details I don’t volunteer, and most of all is just there for me. We met many, many, many moons ago on a support forum for military wives, back before I was even married. Jacks is also the originator of one of my favorite phrases “giant sweaty hairy unpowdered donkey balls”.

Then, there’s J. She’s the sister of my heart, my unofficial cousin, and mom to my most adorable and loved nephews ever. She doesn’t read my blog, but she’s there for me, 10000%. She’s told me that if it ever came to it, she’d be a surrogate for me, and that’s one of the most selfless things anyone has ever offered to me. I know she would do it, and would be one of the only people in the world I could be comfortable with doing that for me. In the 6 years since I moved from home, I don’t think we’ve gone longer than 2 weeks without talking.

I can’t forget T & A. Two of the bestest girlfriends ever, they cheer me up weekly with movie night, tease me with shenanigans, and have decided that when we finally all get together for T’s wedding I have to be pregnant so they can paint a giant bouquet of flowers on my belly. These girls will do anything to make me laugh, and usually manage to succeed.

Last, I have to mention my grad girls. Girls- you know who you are. There are 50+ of us who were all members of a message board at one point in time, all waiting to start building our families or add to our families. We’ve now moved to a private FB group, and it’s so wonderful to still be friends after 7 years. Most of those girls have been lucky enough to add one, two, three, or even four kids to their family since we all met. Others are still waiting, some to start trying, some at varying stages of fertility treatments, and another who has just begun an adoption journey that we are all thrilled to be part of. Even though they can’t understand what I am going through, their support means a lot to me. They are there with me to celebrate the good, mourn the bad, and WTF the crazy, weird, shittastic stuff that always manages to happen.

There are so many others out there that have been great friends along this journey. Tonight I just wanted to reflect on a few of the special people who have made this journey easier and better. ❤ you ladies. Thank you for being great friends.




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