25 04 2012

(yeah. this is just going to be really poorly written. i can’t even care. be glad I used proper grammar and punctuation as much as i did.)

I wish I could escape from this rollercoaster. Today was a particularly bad day. I bitched out the hubby for no good reason yesterday. Well, I had a reason, and it was a valid reason, but it wasn’t at the same time. It had been hovering over my head all day, so by the time he got home I was in a bitch of a mood, and when he (very gently) deflated the shitstorm balloon, I just felt like a royal heinous bitch for being like that. Today’s just been crap all day long. My supervisor wasn’t happy with me(typical when we have a big deadline, just wasn’t something I could mentally deal with at the moment) and it made me want to quit my damn job today. The military is yanking our chains again, as usual, but I just can’t fucking deal. I had to back out of the gas station because some idiot was too busy texting to notice where she was walking and tripped over something and the ambulance was blocking me in, and it took forever to get the asshole behind me to move so I could leave before my milk spoiled from grocery shopping. I bawled about Giul.iana and B.ill being able to get pregnant with a surrogate, thrilled for them, yet so fucking pissed that they aren’t setting up IVF grants or pushing for shit like that since they know just how much all this costs. I accidentally ate something with dairy in it at lunch and I feel like fucking shit(literally) and I don’t want to take the tonight because I know I’m just going to feel fucking worse. I want to take a bath but that would mean I have to scrub my damn tub because the cat jumped in after I took a shower this morning and now there is cat hair all over since it was damp. I want a fucking pita for dinner but I have a pork loin about to go bad that I need to eat instead. Thank god for my best friends, T&A, and their random insanity and ability to make me smile even after a shitty day. Oh, and every fucking piece of mail we get this week has had some kind of reminder about mother’s fucking day, my least fucking favorite day of the year.




One response

25 04 2012
Elizabeth M

Blech! I’m so, so sorry for your bad day. 😦 I really, really hate those days. Hoping tomorrow is better. :/

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