Rollercoaster, Take 2

26 04 2012

Here we go again. This is really happening. Holy shit.

This week was my re-consult with Dr. Europe. I was strangely terrified for this appointment, but to be honest, that’s nothing new. I’m always sick with nerves before every appointment, which makes it easy to fast in case of bloodwork. My appointment was pretty routine- nurse comes in, asks for updated dates and info(when my last pap was, any medication changes since my last visit, last menst.rual cycle date, etc), then it’s all the doc’s dealio. We sat down and went over all my test results from last winter in detail, since everything had been given over the phone previously. As known, there were no anomalies on the test results. Everything was solidly normal.

He gave me a few options:

Option A: Repeat HSG next cycle, then begin cycling the month after as long as there is nothing on the HSG indicating my tubes are blocked.

Option B: Have a hystero.scopy done next cycle to check for a septum that could be causing implantation issues. Start cycling the next month as long as nothing is found. If something found, will have surgery to remove, then cycle two months after to allow healing. If this happens, will have to redo referrals and switch to Dr. Doom since Dr. Europe will be gone for two months at the end of summer.

Option C: Start cycling now, and move to Option B if another miscarriage occurs or no pregnancy occurs after two cycles. Two cycles because I managed to get pregnant both times we attempted using donor sperm last year and he really thinks we will only need one to two attempts to get pregnant again.

After some discussion, we’re going with Option C. Because both of my losses last year were for very different reasons, he doesn’t think that we need to repeat any of the testing at this point in time. If another loss were to occur, he’d suggest doing further testing, but he doesn’t think it is necessary at this time.

So, we have ordered new spermcicles, from a completely different donor and bank. A new script has been written and filled, aspirin has been bought(it can’t hurt in his opinion, and it’s cheap), and now it’s just a matter of waiting. As soon as the ugly, crazy, bitch known as my period shows up, we’re cycling again.

I have to admit, I’m secretly hoping she takes a few weeks to show up. A year ago tomorrow, we started our first cycle with Dr. Europe. I do NOT want to repeat the same due date again…I don’t think I could relax at all if that happened. Obviously, it doesn’t scare me enough to be willing to wait another month to cycle again, but its still really scary, emotionally. I’m not sure how I will be able to deal with that, or with a pregnancy if the time comes, but things are really starting to happen, and fast.

I’m back on the rollercoaster- this time I know that there are even more bumps ahead…but maybe, just maybe, this time we can make it through the first part and stay pregnant.





3 responses

26 04 2012
Elizabeth M

Glad to hear you have a game plan AND a good doctor! Good luck and keep us posted!

26 04 2012

Here from ICLW – Good luck!

27 04 2012

Visiting from ICLW! Whew, that’s a lot of options! Good luck moving forward!

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