30 Day Challenge- Day 3

3 05 2012

DAY 3:  What is in your handbag?

What’s in my purse? Oh, a lot of things. A full size planner, a half dozen pens, a pack of index cards, 2 kin.dles, 2 noo.ks, a small EHD, my sunglasses, 4 things of chap.stick, 2 sets of car and house keys, our pool keys and passes, my inhaler, headphones for my phone, my i.pod, a small bottle of tyl.enol, my migraine meds case, my checkbook, wallet, 4 lotto tickets I need to redeem, and a used amazon giftcard that is still floating around in there for some reason.

Yes, I really do carry all of that with me daily.




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