30 Day Challenge- Day 5

5 05 2012

DAY 5:  List 15 facts about yourself. you and your husband.

I talk way too much about myself, so I’m going to do this one about the two of us.

1. Mr. X and I graduated from the same high school, but attended at separate times.

2. I love to bake, but I don’t really like eating baked goods other than brownies. Mr. X loves to eat the stuff, but we can’t even get through a dozen cupcakes before they go bad.

3.We are SciFi nerds. Our net.flix queue is almost all science fictions shows and movies. We routinely have Har.ry Pott.er marathons, and 90% of our prime time tv viewing is on the Sy.Fy channel.

4. We are avid readers- Mr. X reads every day, and I read as often as I can…at least daily, if not more often. Unfortunately, we read completely different genres so we can’t share books very often.

5. Rarely is our house quiet. We are both music junkies, and usually fight over who gets to play music. We both listen to similar music, so we like what the other plays, but it’s a fight to be the one who controls the playlist.

6. We sleep with half a dozen pillows on our bed. Both of us each use at least 3 pillows a night, and I have no idea how we would ever fit in a smaller bed. We are not cuddlers, we both need our sleep space and fight over who gets the pillows, even with so many on the bed.

7. I am an avid scrapbooker and have several big projects going on at once. I’m about to embark on another big one called Project Life to document my milestone year(big birthday + big changes). Some people say I’m selfish for doing a project about me, but I use scrapbooking to tell our story and this is mine- and Xao is a huge part of my life. Yes, he’ll be involved, but it’s my project and I’ll have the control over it.

8. We will never tell strangers our complete love story- mostly because there is some hilariously awkward stuff in it. Nothing illegal, nothing that we are embarrassed about, but it’s simpler not to give all the details.

9. Mr. X was the one who wanted a big wedding, not me. I would have been happy with a small ceremony on the cliffs of a national park at sunset, but he wanted the whole shebang. Guess who won? Not me.

10. We aren’t active in our religion and we both admit it is because of our struggle with infertility. Growing up in a religion where we were told that our duty was to go forth and multiply, and that our worth was based on our family, we have a hard time dealing with all the families at our church. We want to go, but every time we do, someone says something to us that we just can’t handle at the time. Last year we attempted to return to church again, right around the time we were cycling for the final time, and I was so bloated and uncomfortable from the drugs, and someone stupidly asked me when we were going to have children(after 5 years of marriage and no child, we are considered a major anomaly in our religion). I left crying and we haven’t been back since then. We hope to return this year, either when we move to a new congregation or else before we move if we manage to get pregnant.

11.  My favorite TV show of all time is This Old House. Mr. X mocks me mercilessly because of this, but I love it. I grew up watching it with my Dad, and it was part of my Saturday morning routine. I’d kill to be able to watch all the old seasons, but they aren’t easily available.

12. We’re game junkies. One of our favorite traditions that we have started here with two separate groups of friends is game night. It’s so fun to get together with this mixed group of friends and just relax and have fun. We consume copious amounts of food and play games until we fall asleep on each others couches. I’m hoping we can find a new group of friends that enjoy playing games as well once we move.

13.  X and I both have best friends from middle school. We’ve both been friends with these people for half our lives, if not more. Both of our friends have become friends for the other, and we routinely all text each other and email when we get a chance.

14.  We are water junkies- not the swimming kind of water, the drinking kind. We have an extensive collection of water bottles, mostly Nal.gene. We take them everywhere with us, including into the grocery store.

15. We really hate answering this kind of thing and I’m so done coming up with answers, lol!




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5 05 2012

I totally understand the church thing. DH and I were married 6.5 years before we had Marsi. It was a constant struggle for me to go to church, but we had a great congregation. The people in the congregation can really make or break it sometimes.

24 05 2012
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