30 Day Challenge- Day 19

19 05 2012

DAY 19:  List 5 pet peeves.

Only 5? This is what happens when I blog while hormonal, lol!

  1. People who are not punctual. I consider it rude to be late, and it drives me batty when other people have no regard for being on time.
  2. Toilet paper being on the holder the wrong way, or even worse- out and not replaced.
  3. People who talk on their cell phones or spend the entire time texting, playing games on their phone, etc. during a meal, group event, game night, etc.
  4. Those who use government assistance(Food stamps, etc) and then spend a fortune on booze and tobacco and lottery tickets.
  5. Parents who don’t control their kids in public. I get that kids are kids, but teach your child to BEHAVE and to have good manners. A kid literally jumped on my head in the pool the other day while I was swimming laps in the deep end, and then proceeded to yell at me and tell me to ‘get out of their fucking way’. This kid was no more than 7. The parent just continued to sunbathe and drink her wine cooler and ignore the fact that her kid had just hurt someone.



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