Cycling update

21 05 2012

Saw my RE for my day 12 scan. Was a bit nervous going in since I’ve had almost positive OPK tests since Friday. Turns out I have numerous small follicles(well under 10) which is probably causing a false positive. I have one nice follicle at 16, and my lining is a perfect triple stripe.  I go back in a few days for a final scan and trigger instructions. IUI will be scheduled at that time.

We of course had some blips since X wasn’t with me- there’s no need for him to go to a 5 minute appointment with the wandy cam, and he honestly drives me crazy in the waiting rooms and such, plus it is almost impossible for him to get to appointments without missing a lot of work (the RE is 40 minutes from the house, he works 40 minutes in the opposite direction). He went to almost all my appointments the first cycle, one appointment the second cycle(it fell on the weekend), and might go to one this cycle(but honestly, I don’t care either way). However- we switched donor’s, which means all our old paperwork for the consent to use donor gametes is invalid. Shit. No one mentioned this at my appointment a few weeks ago, which would have been nice. This means we have to run to the only bank in town with a notary open past 5 pm tonight in order to get our new consents signed and into the office in time for our next appointment. Previously we were able to use the office notary since he was at the appointment with me the first time, but since he can’t come this time, we both have to sign in front of a notary elsewhere. Sigh. Oh well, we have an appointment scheduled with her tonight and it will all be taken care of.

I’m struggling with this cycle. I feel like changing everything has made me doubt everything. I was on a heavy dose of letr.ozole and only got ONE measly follicle. I know it only takes one, but my RE put me on this dosage thinking we would get 3-4 follicles. The equivalent dose of clo.mid got me 5 follicles last year! Am I making a mistake in continuing this cycle? Will we waste all this money on donor gametes and not get a BFP out of it?

Also- I could use some advice. I’m going to have to trigger myself later this week….and I’ve never had to give myself an injection before. Tips? Advice?




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21 05 2012

Hello from ICLW. Sucks that you have to get the paperwork done again! Good luck with the shot and good luck with the cycle!!

21 05 2012

Hi! I think I’ve commented before…maybe last year, but it felt like forever ago! We are also using DS and got our second BFP last month…the first ended in a miscarriage. Good luck with this cycle! I will be checking back to see how it goes! As far as the trigger shot, it’s a really small needle and pretty easy…if you aren’t afraid of needles. As my nurse kept telling me, “pinch an inch” of belly fat and inject. Working myself up to injecting myself was worse than the actual injection.

21 05 2012

Ugh, I wish mine was allowed in the stomach, but my RE said mine is IM rather than SubQ, so I’ll be stabbing in the thigh or butt. That’s what is making me nervous, is that it’s not the tiny needle.

21 05 2012
Elizabeth M

No advice here, but I want to wish you good luck! And you’re right… all you need is 1. Maybe with the great DS, with 3 follicles you could have ended up with triplets. I’ll be hoping you get your BFP! 🙂

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