comparing oral meds

23 05 2012

So, now that I’m in the midst of my first let.rozole cycle, I thought it would be interesting to compare it to They’ve certainly differed so far, at least for me.


Really annoying to get the pills out of the pack strips. Chalky aftertaste from the meds if they touch a wet tongue. Mood swings and hot flashes start almost immediately upon taking the meds. AF ceases within 48 hrs of starting meds, normally. Mood swings cease about the time of O, hot flashes continue throughout the cycle. Always a triple stripe lining, multiple follies.


Easy to take little tiny pills. No aftertaste. No side effects while taking pills (I believe I used the words ‘scarily boring’). Minor hot flashes and insanely weird dreams post pills, but pre O.  Triple stripe lining, one follie. Lots of minor headaches, plus one hormonal migraine. Minor mood swings, but nothing extreme or sudden. Exhausted, increased sex drive(see earlier mention of weird dreams), lots of weird achy pains around the uterus and ovaries.

I started writing this the day after I took the last dose this cycle. I’ve added to it off and on since then, but mostly haven’t touched it since then. Uhm, let me just add to the letr.ozole…holy shit, I have been a BUCKET of tears. I have been crying over EVERYTHING! I seriously bawled for 20 minutes yesterday because two seconds of the CREDITS of a tv show I was watching got cut off by the DVR. My poor husband has been hiding from me because I am such a wreck. I hate myself being such a wreck, I know I am crying for no good reason but I cannot stop. I literally just sat in bed sobbing last night for an hour.

I haven’t ovulated yet, but I’m calling this post good and just hitting publish, mostly because I’m in the midst of another sob fest, lol.




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