Repeat follie scan

24 05 2012

Yesterday was my repeat scan. First off, the good news- there are now TWO possible contenders! I now have a follie at 16mm, and another at 14mm, along with several still under 10mm. Lining is a perfect 13mm triple stripe, which my RE calls “perfect”. Bloodwork showed that I am not quite ovulating yet, but was starting to surge so we triggered in office. Yay for not stabbing myself!!!! This nurse was AWESOME. She asked if I wanted to know when the needle was going in, and I told her to just do it and let me know when I could pull my pants back up. I NEVER felt the needle. It was that smooth and quickly done.

I go back for my IUI on the 24th, and after that…we wait. I’m trying to hold off on testing until 14DPO, so approximately June 7th. Let’s see if I manage to hold off that long. I only have a few IC’s in the house so it’s not going to be as tempting to test out the trigger.





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24 05 2012

Here from ICLW – it sounds like you had your IUI today. Good luck! I think you’re being very sensible with not testing until 14DPO – test too early and you either get unnecessarily disappointed, or wonder whether it’s not valid anyway. I’ve found that the only way to keep myself from testing is to not keep HPTs in the house at all. So I’m running out to the store a lot.

24 05 2012

I like this update. It makes me happy in the face-cicles.

24 05 2012

Best wishes!

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