IUI #3, done..and now we wait

25 05 2012

IUI #3 was scheduled for the 24th, and at the worst possible time of day(30 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later the drive is 25 minutes, at that time it’s over an hour). I went a bit earlier so that I had time to find parking(not my favorite spot, but only another lot away from the door, which is better than I normally get). I got in there, did the usual routine, and waited for Doc Euro to come in. He showed up with one of my favorite nurses(I have two, the one who did my trigger and the most experienced, who is their IVF nurse and ‘special case’ nurse).

That’s when things got horrible. I have a history of painful and difficult IUI’s due to my endo twisting my uterus and pulling on the cervix. In september, they ended up using ultrasound to guide the catheter to get it through. Dr. Europe remembered this and was prepared, and that was why he had picked the IVF nurse to assist him today. Long story short, 4 speculum, 3 ultrasounds, several attempts to bend the catheter, and one ten.aculum on my cervix later, the IUI finally got done. My 20 minute appointment turned into a visit of over an hour. I don’t have the exact count numbers from the IUI since the paperwork wasn’t in my chart yet from and.rology, but I know m RE was very pleased and said they were excellent.

Beta is scheduled for 6/11, and will be that day whether AF has started or not. Office policy now requires a beta after every medicated cycle before you can start meds for a new attempt. I’m fine with that after what we dealt with last year. Now it’s just a wait and see to figure out if I’m going to manage and wait that long to test. Anyone want to place bets on how long I will make it? For comparison’s sake, last year on IUI #1 I started testing at 11DPO, had heavy bleeding at 12DPO-14DPO, and finally got a BFP at 17DPO. On IUI #2 I tested out the trigger and got a negative at 9DPO/11DPT, and a BFP the next day at 10DPO.




3 responses

25 05 2012

Congratulations on IUI #3! Hoping this one leads to a BFP!

25 05 2012

Jeez, your IUI sounds painful! If you are anything like me (and it sounds like we both like to test a lot), then I’m guessing you start testing around 9 dpiui. 🙂

26 05 2012

Im hoping for tons of good, happy, shiny positive test results and then periodic giant gut shots! ❤ Itd make my year.

Im sorry your innards are so PO'ed at you now though :/ Ouch.

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