Well, screw doing anything this weekend….

27 05 2012

Thanks to it being Memorial Day weekend in the USA, X had a long weekend off of work. We’d planned to start some major deep cleaning of our house in order to prep for our upcoming move. Then Thursday happened.

Thursday morning I had my IUI. I was nervous leaving, and pissy and in pain when I got home. I got pissed off by the fact that the air fan on the air conditioning seemed noisier than normal and wondered why it was running since it felt nice in the house still. I just ignored it since I was extra cranky due to the IUI.

That afternoon I had a follow up appointment to check and see how my adjustment to contacts was going(I’ve worn glasses full time for over 20 years and haven’t worn contacts in 6 years due to the nature of my horrible vision, but my doctor convinced me to try again. Probably not the brightest move to be trialing them right after I took the fertility drugs, lol). I walked past the thermostat on my way out the door and did a double take. 80?? I have it set to be 76 in the house. So I reset the upstairs thermo, and then went downstairs and reset it (it only said 77). I got home, and not only was the aircon not running, it was now 80 downstairs and 83 upstairs. Oh snap, something’s wrong.

Called our landlord and she’s out of town, but with my permission she gives my phone number to the emergency aircon repair crew. They arrive less than an hour later, and after 15 minutes figure out what is wrong. Unfortunately, its not a part they carry and will have to order it, and have no idea of the cost. They promise to call the landlord and let her know whats going on so that they can get authorization to order the parts. This is where things come to a screeching halt. One phone call later, it’s a several thousand dollar repair. In fact, it would only cost about two thousand more to completely replace the entire system, in a 5 year old house. Oh shit. Then they remember that the owner has a home warranty, and this should be covered considering it’s only 5 years old. Only catch? The warranty repair crew can’t come until Friday. Whatever, we’ll suck it up for a night.

Friday morning the repair guys from the day before swing by to return the parts that they had removed from my system to price out. A few hours later, the warranty guy shows up, and takes a look and comes to the same conclusion. He makes some calls, and finds out that the aircon manufacturer has a 5 year warranty on the unit that should cover it- but the catch is, the unit was bought in february 2007, so we have to find out exactly when the house was purchased in order to know if it was still valid or not(they built 25 townhouses all at once, so they mass purchased units when they started construction. The warranty doesn’t take effect until someone actually owns the house, so we had a little window of leeway there). Homeowner is out of the country at a conference, and landlord is still out of town, but tells me where I can do some detective work. Holy crap, our first piece of luck- the house was purchase June 1, 2007. Yes, that’s right, we had exactly ONE WEEK left on the warranty.

I let the repairman know, and he ordered the parts to fix the system since they are covered by the manu now. Shit. Because of the holiday, we won’t get them until TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY. Uhm. it’s going to be 90+ all weekend. Crap.

So we went out and bought another fan, shut all the curtains in our house, and are camping out in the living room. We’re using the toaster oven for anything that we need to bake, and cooking in quick bursts on the stove. Saturday we helped some friends move out of their home, and it was so nice to stand in their aircon and just enjoy it. Friday night it was over 90 in the house, the coolest I have seen it get inside was 81 since this started. We’re expecting TS Beryl to affect our area in the next 24 hrs or so, and hoping that the temperature drops a lot then and can cool things off a bit.

Keep your fingers crossed that the parts arrive early on Tuesday and can be installed that day. I’m going to be going insane until we have aircon again! Thank heavens for technology and gadgets so we can veg and do nothing.




2 responses

27 05 2012

Hi from ICLW. Ugh, I hope you get some cool air soon! Fingers crossed for a successful IUI.

27 05 2012

Id go camp out in the nearest park fountain in my skivvies. To heck with that!! Poor lady 😦

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