Not the ICLW intro I’d expected to make

21 06 2012

It’s time for another ICLW, and to be honest I had forgotten I had signed up this month. When I signed up at the end of last month, I was sure I was going to be pregnant this month, not recovering from another loss.

Here’s the deal:

I’m T1BG, married for 5+ years, TTC for about the same amount of time. Dealing with PCOS, ENDO, LPD, MFI, and RPL. I’ve had 3 back to back miscarriages in the last year doing donor sperm IUI’s, and we are now on hold due to a move and waiting on a consult with a new RE in our new location. We’ve lost more babies than we ever thought we’d conceive, and are struggling with continuing along this journey.

Right now, we’re leaning towards doing one IVF cycle next year, but who knows where we will be. I’ve promised my husband that as of July 1, there will be ZERO talk of TTC in our house until 2013. Yeah, that’s 6 months of no baby talk. We’ve not gone that long since we started dating. But after all the years of this journey, the heartbreak and pain, we need 6 months off to regroup, to try and recover from these losses and to truly think about what we want for our future. I’ll be focusing more on the weightloss and fitness aspect of my journey against PCOS for that time, and hope to not chase all of you away.




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21 06 2012

Wow, 6 months no TTC talk? I don’t think I could go that long. Best wishes!

23 06 2012

Stopping in from ICLW. So sorry to hear about your recurrent losses, that really does suck. Sometimes taking a break just to regroup and what not can be very beneficial for the mind & body. I don’t know if I could go 6months without talking about it, but hopefully blogging will be a nice outlet for you. Best of luck in your journey!

26 06 2012


27 06 2012

Hi from ICLW, even though it’s late in the week. I’m so sorry to hear about your losses and the journey this process has taken you on. You are so bold, brave, and strong for taking a 6-month break. I wish you only the very best!

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