the sheer stupidity.

18 11 2012

We all know it.Fa.cebook fucking sucks. Stupid “games” that people do for breast cancer awareness, the oversharing of pregnancy updates, etc. Well this one takes the cake:

Yes folks, now at the most miserable time of the year because we are already feeling lonely without a child in our arms, we now have to deal with this shit. I saw this FOUR times in the last two weeks, twice today in various formats. Really? Fucking games to count down to Christmas? Torture your friends and family with almost announcements-when some people desperately wish it was real??

This is why I hate fuckbook. The sheer stupidity of people is on display, year round. It never gets any better.




7 responses

18 11 2012

Oh my gosh! That is so horrible! People just don’t get it. Blech! You should comment something on there. (Or maybe not, because it won’t stop the stupidity! Sheesh!)

18 11 2012

Whenever I see that it takes everything for me not to rip into the person that posted it. That is horrible!!!

19 11 2012
Mr Thompson and Me

If I saw this…I don’t think I’d be able to hold my tongue…and then I’d just look like an ass… so I guess that I’m glad I haven’t seen this.

I hate stupid people.

24 11 2012

It pisses me off every time I see it too. People just don’t think before they post.

27 11 2012

are you kidding me? I haven’t seen that post yet, but omg, beyond insensitive. SOrry that you had to be subjected to that.

4 12 2012

Some people just need a swift kick to the crotch…

3 01 2013

I saw that too. I was heartbroken and then sad then mad at myself for being selfish then to read the rest of the post….. I wanted to cry. I felt all e and like j was the only one that post bothered. I see now I was not alone in feeling that way.

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