26 11 2012

Even though this is a semi anonymous blog, sometimes I want to hide things from certain people- upsets, big news, etc. I’m considering making some posts private and offering the password to certain people. I won’t make all of my posts private though, just a few.

I’ve really been thinking through the idea of privacy over the last few weeks. I do like sharing my story- but then I wonder if a troll may steal from my blog(hence why pictures don’t really occur here and if they ever do will be watermarked). I wonder what would happen if someone from real life was to read this blog. I wonder if maybe someone will follow me from the forums I post on and share more here than I am comfortable.  I have over a dozen posts sitting in draft mode right now because I just don’t want to share them openly and not know who is reading them.

So if you are interested in receiving the password, please comment on THIS POST ONLY with your email address in your comment and I will send out the password when the first post goes live later this week. I will turn on comment approval for this post and delete the comments after I have emailed you the password.




4 responses

26 11 2012

I would love to continue to follow your story and I think it’s smart to make some things private.

27 11 2012

so, yeah, the internet and privacy… I struggled with it for a LONG time, and finally took the plunge. I have an alias that I use for anything on the internet related to our infertility. I use the same ‘name’ and email for the forums I post to and for my blog, and have been very careful about not mixing my alias with my real information.

I did post a few pictures on my blog and regret not watermarking them since they are now circulating around pinterest and there is no way to recover them… someone from pinterest actually came to my blog and accused me of stealing one of my pictures from her friend. really weird.

Regardless, there are weird internet people out there who do take the stories they find and distort them for their own distorted purposes. I try not to think about that though.

so, yeah, i’d love to keep reading your posts.

4 12 2012

Do I have to put my email out in the open? :/ Ill do it if you tell me to shut up and do it because Id love to be able to keep up with you as best as possible. Otherwise, dont feel bad if Im one of the ones you may want to keep out sometimes. I love you just the same.

4 12 2012

I’d like to continue following your story and would be interested in receiving the password if you’re willing to share it



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