Lock down

27 11 2012

Due to yesterday’s post, I found out someone from real life is reading this blog without my permission. I feel incredibly hurt and betrayed that this happened, and feel like my privacy has been violated. This person has violated my trust and I am so incredibly hurt right now that they felt they had the right to read my private life without asking. It is not better to ask forgiveness than permission. I can forgive them for accidentally finding the blog the way they did. I don’t know that I can forgive them(at least right now) for continuing to read once they realized it was my blog, without asking. That’s going to take some time to get over. Right now I can’t get past the fact that someone I trusted has been in my personal space. This spot was mine. My place to get my feelings and emotions out. My place to not have to censor myself, because I knew who in ‘real life’ knew about this blog and was reading it so therefore could write accordingly.

I’m not ashamed of what I have shared in the past nor would I take any of it back. However, for now, it feels right to have my old posts private. I’ll continue to blog here going forward, and someday I may unlock those old posts. Not all of my new posts will be private- some will be the way they were, others will be password protected. I will be going back and editing things to make me a little more anonymous before I reopen any old posts, and I ask that if you have been reading here for a while or know me in real life, you will please allow me to have this anonymity. I don’t want to start over at a new URL, as this one feels right for me, but I do need to protect myself for the future.




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27 11 2012

I’m sorry… that’s a total bummer! Those things really unnerve you don’t they? We wrote lots of personal things on our blog, that WAS open to people in real life and when we were in the process of buying our house blogged about how difficult it was to work with the sellers. Sadly, the sellers found our blog and only became MORE difficult to work with. :/ But, we made our blog private very quickly after that! Our adoption blog is new and different, but sometimes I wonder if it should be private as well! It’s hard to find the balance of privacy, but needing community at the same time. I hope you’re able to find the right balance for you.

28 11 2012
Tasha Schmidt

I’m really sorry that happened to you. I can’t imagine finding a blog about something so personal written by someone I knew in real life and not telling them I found it. I’d want them to know because if I can stumble across it others might as well.

23 10 2013

How did you find out?

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