30 12 2012

This Christmas was rough. Right after I wrote my last post, I got horribly sick. I was feeling fine on Monday, woke up on Tuesday feeling like I had a cold, and then Wednesday I woke up with a fever of 103 on meds and wanted to die. 7 hrs in the ER later, I got a diagnosis of Infl.uenza type A. Yuck.

Going over my personal history was so much fun(heavy sarcasm noted). Never before have I hated the questions of  “when was your last period” and “is there any chance you could be pregnant” so much, especially considering the fact that I was bleeding like crazy and every time I coughed it made it worse.

I don’t know where we go now. I don’t know what we can cope with anymore. We’re looking at natural meds but still planning on getting a referral done after our trip home soon.

I know this post is kind of rambling. and kind of not clearly stated. but I don’t know if I trust a certain person anymore with regards to reading my blog. and I just don’t know what I want to share publicly right now. But I don’t want everything to be password protected.


So yeah. thats where we stand. back in limbo. back to missing all our angel babies. back to feeling like life fucking sucks.




3 responses

30 12 2012

I’m so, so sorry to hear this! What a messy Christmas. 😦 I hope you’ve started feeling better!!

4 01 2013

Loads and loads of hugs.

5 01 2013

I started reading your blog and wanted to offer you *hugs*
i know they don’t mean much but i think of what else to write.

Reading your posts makes me like you even more. You are such a good person and I hope you get your rainbow baby in 2013.

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